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At the Balkan film festival 2017 in Uruguay,'' Train Driver's Diary'' won '' Special mention'' in the category of Best movie.
On the 7th festival of national TV series (FEDIS) Lazar Ristovski won the Golden Antenna for the overall contribution to TV production.
''Train Driver's Diary'' triumphed at the Prague International Film Festival. Miloš Radović's film won the Golden star award for the best movie and Lazar Ristovski won the Golden star for the best actor and Grax prix award, Golden Eagle, for his contribution to the European film.
At the 64th Pula Film Festival, within Croatian Minority Co-Production programme, Milos Radovic with '' Train Driver's Diary'', won Golden Arena for the Best Director. Also, the Young Cinephiles Jury awarded Train Driver's Diary as Best Minority Co-Production.
The Train driver's diary won the best film in 2017 award at the International film festival The Golden Linden in Sofia.
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Miloš Radović won Best Director award at Winter Film Awards in New York.
Train Drivers Diary 1 4 horizontal Final
Milos prima nagrade u MAnhajmu
Train Driver's Diary won four awards at the 65. Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film festival.

Special Mention of the jury - best film in International Competition.
Audience Award - best film
Prize of the Ecumenical Jury - best film in International Competition
Cinema Owners recommendation prize - recommendation for theatrical release in Germany
ARPA International Film Festival
The Hollywood Reporter
Oscars: Serbia Selects 'Train Driver's Diary' for Foreign-Language Category
TRAIN DRIVER'S DIARY Serbian candidate for
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
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Nagrada Cinema City
Audience Choice Award-Moscow IFF 2016

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20 years of experience

1996 - 2016

Zillion Film


Lenght: 90’
Genre: Comedy,Drama
Statistics say that during his professional career every train driver unintentionally kills 20 to 30 people. This is a story about those innocent mass murderers and their lives.

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s one strane
Zillion Film

On the
Other Side

Lenght: 85’
Genre: Drama
medved120 years ago, Vesna moved her family to Zagreb, away from the events that almost destroyed their lives. However, an unexpected call will bring back the memory of a secret that she has been trying to hide all these years.

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Zillion Film


Lenght: 106’
Genre: Comedy
fest2National hero Lily Vidic monitors troop of partisans who, led by the young poet, compete in NDH talent show "X Factor": the winner gets performance at Poglavnik's reception, thus getting a chance to end the war by dancing, singing and shooting with guns. Find out who won the Second World War, and who is the first Croatian talent show.

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svestenikova deca
Zillion Film


Length: 93’
Genre: Comedy, Drama

The movie was nominated in a category Best Comedy at the 26th European Film Awards in Berlin in 2013.
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karlovy1Don Fabijan (Kresimir Mikic) is a young priest who comes to serve on an unnamed small island in the Adriatic. In order to help increase birth rate on the island, he decides to pierce condoms before they are sold. He therefore teams up with the newsagent Petar (Nikša Butijer) and the pharmacist Marin (Drazen Kühn). After they abolish all forms of birth control on the entire island, the consequences become more and more complicated.

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beli lavovi
Zillion Film

White Lions

Length: 90’
Genre: Comedy
Workers that did not get their wages for six years are lying on the access road to their factory. The factory is in ruins, overgrown with weeds. There are voices that some business tycoon has bought it for next to nothing and that he will soon come to take possession of the facility without any obligations to those that once worked there... Men, women, children, are therefore laying on the road - determined to use their bodies to block the passage to the tycoon and his team...

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sveti georgije
Zillion Film


Length: 119’
Genre: Drama
I heard this story from my grandfather, Cvetko Kovacevic. As a boy, Cvetko looked after oxen during that famous Battle of Cer in 1914. Granddad transported the wounded soldiers from the front to the field hospital on an ox-drawn cart, and took the dead to the communal graveyard. He grew up with death, so didn’t view later wars and dying as anything ‘particularly special’.
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Zillion Film

The Optimist

Length: 94’
Genre: Drama

Toronto International Film Festival
The five stories in THE OPTIMISTS are inspired by Voltaire’s famous satirical novel Candide and its motto: “Optimism is insisting everything is good, when everything is bad.” The setting is present day, post-Milosevic Serbia. Painted with black humour, these stories reflect a time filled with hope and despair, real optimism and false; a time when fiction and reality co-exist side by side, and when many people fish in the troubled waters of lost illusions. The acclaimed actor Lazar Ristovski (“Underground”, “The Powder Keg” aka “Cabaret Balkan” in the USA, “Midwinter Night’s Dream”) takes a role in each of the five stories.
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sutra ujutru
Zillion Film


Length: 83’
Genre: Drama
karlovy1The film TOMOROW MORNING is a story about love and friendship. After twelve years spent abroad, the main character returns to his native city, where he meets his old love, friends and parents again They spend four days together and after that nothing will be the same in their lives. TOMORROW MORNING is a love drama. It speaks of a deep passion, sensuality, tenderness, jealousy, possessiveness , infidelity –conflict between irrational and rational.

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krojaceva tajna
Zillion Film


Length: 92’
Genre: Love Thriller
Night, mystery… MURDER!
If we accept as true the statement that progress is caused by abandoning the borders of our comfort, what happens to man when all other possibilities have been tested except death, and abandoning the borders of this world?
One night, one city, one man, one experience!

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Zillion Film

Night’s Dream

Length: 95’
Genre: Drama
sansebastianSerbia, Winter 2004. Lazar returns home after ten long years of absence. He is a different man today: having regained his liberty, he has decided to free himself from the heavy burden of his past and to start a new life in a country that also seems to want a better future. Little by little, among these three beings marginalized by society, a special kinship will develop…

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pad u raj1
Zillion Film


Length: 90’
Genre: Comedy
The story retraced by the film speaks about the events that fell upon our country in 1999, but from the prospective of a lucid patriot - interpreted by Lazar Ristovski - who tries to solve the war on his own. One might define it a black humor story. Still, it is, to a great extent an illustration of the average man from this part of the world seeking a way out when he is faced with a desperate situation. One way or the other. The hero of our story has sought HIS way.
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malanocna muzika1
Zillion Film

A Little
Night Music

Length: 91’
Genre: Comedy
The main heroes in the comic "A Little Night Music" are Spasoje and Cole, two likable but silly chaps, constantly getting into funny and hazardous situations, being the main reason the public immediately likes them.
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Zillion Film


Length: 87’
Genre: Drama
medved1One of Belgrade's many cafes. Seemingly just a backdrop for our cast of crazy characters, but in reality much more than that. It Stoically puts up with its guests, and their misguided efforts to control their own destinies, until the very end when it too has had enough...
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belo odelo
Zillion Film

The White Suit

Length: 90’
Genre: Comedy, Drama
cansredAll that was shown in this film really happened" - says Lazar Ristovski - "but I wanted to raise the film a foot above the ground and charge it with a taste of surreal and poetic. Why? Because the audience today is much to burdened by the reality of life (especially in Yugoslavia) and it needs an embelished image of the world relying on the romantic passion, emotions, lust, poetics, chivalry, readiness to play games and tollerance
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About us



The Zillion film is a production company founded February 22nd 1996. by Lazar Ristovski, the well-known Serbian actor and producer to produce the movie "The White Suit", with a budget of
1.200.000 $.

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During the years Zillion Film successfully produced and co-produced 18 movies. Several of them where supported by Euroimages. Zillion Film is the most successful production company in Serbia according to the number of movies it produced and the number of participations it’s movies have taken at well known international festivals.

optimist  plakatmala  plakatkrojac  plakatboo1  belo odelo 

Zillion Film is also a publishing company. For the Belgrade premier of “The White Suit”, Zillion Film published the homonymous novel written by Lazar Ristovski. Zillion also published a collection of the most beautifull love poems called “Antology of Serbian Love Poetry” prepared by Lazar Ristovski and Bozo Koprivica. For the purposes of the collection Lazar Ristovski interpretated a selection of 20 poems and recorded an audio CD that comes along with a book of poetry.

Zillion Film offers co-production services for shooting and preperation of feature films, shorts, documentaries, TV serias, and commercials over Serbia and Montenegro territory. We are doing script and project development, location scouting, casting, budgeting, shooting plans, script breakdowns as well as all kind of organization and logistic services. Five years ago Zillion Film extended its activities on shooting commercial and promo videos for TV and web purposes.







Born in Yugoslavia on October 26, 1952. After finishing Teachers High School, he graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts of the University of Belgrade as an actor, He has appeared on stage about 4000 times. He has also starred in over 70 films, TV series and TV dramas, mostly in lead roles. Lazar Ristovski is the sole owner of Zillion Film Company - www.zillionfilm.com


His most important film roles :
2016. TRAIN DRIVER'S DIARY/Miloš Radovic /
2016. ON THE OTHER SIDE/Zrinko Ogresta/lead role
2016. 2016 Auf kurze Distanz(TV Movie)-Philipp Kadelbach
2016. Panta Draskic cena casti (TV Movie) Petar Ristovski
2015. Za kralja i otadzbinu Radoš Bajic
2015. Bicemo prvaci sveta Darko Bajic
2014. November Man - Roger Donaldson

2013. Ravna Gora (TV Series) Radoš Bajic
2013. Along the RoadsideZoran Lisinac
2013 “The Priest’s Children"
2011. The White Lions by Lazar Ristovski lead role

2009 HONEYMOONS by Goran Paskaljević
2009 SAINT GEORGE SHOOT THE DRAGON - by Srđan Dragojević - lead role
2009 DEVIL’S TOWN by Vladimir Paskaljevic
2007 S.O.S.- by Slobodan Sijan - lead role
2006 The Optimist’s - by Goran Paskaljevic- coproducer and lead actor
2006 Tomorrow Morning - by Oleg Novkovic- producer and actor
2006 A Tailor’s Secret - by Milos Avramovic – producer and actor
2005 Well Tempered Corpses by Benjamin Filipovic (lead role)
2004 Midwinter Night's Dream by Goran Paskaljevic (lead role and co-producer)
2004 Falling Into Paradise by Milos Radovic (lead role and co-producer)
2004 The King of Thieves by Ivan Fila (in German) (lead role)
2003 Small World by Milos Radovic (lead role)
2002 Little Night Music by Dejan Zecevic (producer)
2001 Boomerang by Dragan Marinkovic (lead role and producer)
Berlin Film Festival – Panorama section
1999 The White Suit
-An auteur film by Ristovski (director, writer, lead actor, and producer)
-Opening night at the Cannes Film Festival in the Critics Week program
-“The White Suit” was the Yugoslav entry for the Oscar Awards in the U.S.
-Award for “the Art film” - Gibelina - Italy
-Panorama of European Cinema Athens - won Best Film of the European Competition
-Mostra de Valencia - won Best Photography - Milirad Glusica
1998 The Powder Keg (Cabaret Balkan in US) by Goran Paskaljevic
-Best European Film (FIPRESCI) and Best Film in all categories by the Critics at Venice Film Festival (lead role)
1998 Goodbye 20th Century a Macedonian film by Darko Mitreski and Aco Popovski (lead role)
1998 The Second Wife by Ugo Kiti (a Cecchi Gori Group production, in Italian) (lead role)
-In competition at the Venice Film Festival
1997 Rage by Slobodan Skerlic (lead role)
1996 Balkan Rules by Darko Bajic (lead role)
1995 Underground by Emir Kusturica
The lead role (Blacky)
The film was awarded the Palme D'Or (Golden Palm) at the Cannes Film Festival.
1992 Tito and Me by Goran Markovic (lead role)
1993 Byzantine Blue by Dragan Marinkovic (lead role)
1991 The Original of Forgery by Dragan Kresoja (lead role)
1990 The Frontier by Zoran Masirevic (lead role)
1988 Tempering of the Steel by Zelimir Zilnik (lead role)
1988 The Bizarre Country by Dragan Marinkovic (lead role)
1985 Jazol by Kiril Cenevski (lead role)
1984 Zadarski Memento by Joakim Marusic (lead role)
1983 Igmanski Mars by Zdravko Sotra (lead role)
1981 Svetozar Markovic by Eduard Galic (lead role)
1977 The Hunt by Zivoin Pavlovic (lead role)


2011. The White Lions by Lazar Ristovski
1999 “The White Suit”
- This film had its opening night at the Cannes film festival in the Critics Week program.
- “The White Suit” was Yugoslav candidate for The US Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences Award.
• Awarded for “the Art film”-Gibelina-Italy.
• Panorama Of European Cinema Athens-won Best Film of the European Competition.
• Mostra de Valensia-won Best Photography-Milirad Glusica.
1998 “Movie Star”- Short feature film. (22`)


2016 “ON THE OTHER SIDE”- Zrinko Ogresta-coproducer
2015 “Narodni heroj Ljiljan Vidić”-Ivan Goran Vitez-coproducer
2013 “The Priest’s Children" - Vinko Bresan - coproducer

2011 “The White Lions" - by Lazar Ristovski
2009 “Saint George shoots the Dragon” - Srdjan Dragojevic
2006 “The Optimist’s” - Goran Paskaljevic
2006 “Tomorrow Morning” - Oleg Novkovic
2006 “Tailor’s secret” - Milos Avramovic
2004 “Midwinter Night`s Dream” - Goran Paskaljevic
2004 “Falling into Paradise” - Milos Radovic
2002 “Little Night Music%9